Portable Baby Diaper Changing Pad. Covers the baby's bottom so you can change your baby's diaper when there is no changing station around. Here it is being used at the zoo because the line was too long and bathroom was too crowded.

I just had to change my baby...

Portable.Private.Peace of Mind.

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TooshieBaby Portable Privacy Changing Pad next to a teddy bear and flowers to show it is a gift for parents.

Perfect Baby Gift

Looking for something for a baby shower gift? Or a gift just because?

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Portable. Private. Peace of Mind.

It's Nice Having Options

Using a clean changing station in a public bathroom would be ideal, but when that option is not readily available, TooshieBaby gives you the peace of mind to change your baby’s diapers with privacy.

If you don't need the privacy, no worries, just use as any regular changing pad!

Being able to change my baby anywhere without worrying about people around us... AWESOMENESS


No longer do I need to find a changing station and change my baby alone. My husband can be right next to me giving me a new diaper or throwing away the poopy diaper!


This saves me so much heartache waiting in line for the changing station while my baby is crying. Thank you!