About Us

We're two friends that are experiencing the journey of marriage, motherhood, and now partnership together. We chase our toddlers around while trying to care for our newborns. We both had professional jobs, but are now taking a break to acclimate to life at home with kids. Both our husbands grunt when we are out and desperately looking for a place to change our kids' diapers. 

A public bathroom that has a changing station and is CLEAN, is not always available. We have been inspired by all the stories out there with either mom or dad breaking a sweat trying to find a changing station. We were determined to change the public diaper changing experience because when kids gotta go...they GO.

So...we decided to make our own solution. It's been quite an adventure so far. We watched YouTube videos on how to sew, rummaged through downtown and local fabric stores, used packaging brown paper as patterns cut outs, etc. After almost a year of refining our design, and sewing skills, we are done. Changing diapers in public has never been this easy with TooshieBaby!

Many late night working sessions after we put the kiddos to bed, and Dads were on baby duty :) 

You can see the progression and development of our prototypes!

Working Design of Prototype of TooshieBaby

We hope you enjoy your TooshieBaby as much we have put forth to make it available to you. 


Diana and Hollyn