What are the dimensions of the product?

When folded up, it is the same, or actually a bit smaller than the standard changing pads currently in the market. 




My shield is not standing up right. It doesn't seem to hold the shield structure.

Two important things to check:

  • #1: Once you connect the velcro from the shield to the base's velcro on the right side, pull the inner center of the shield towards you. This is prop up the shield structure.

    How to Pop the Shield on Your TooshieBaby Privacy Changing Pad

    • #2: Please remember once you are done using the pad, to fold the shield the correct way as shown below. Simply roll the shield panels, do not accordion fold. If incorrectly folded, the shield structure may shift. However, do not worry if this happens. You can always fold it back the correct way, and within a few hours, the shield will work properly.

      Folding Your TooshieBaby
        Also, it is important to note that the shield was intentionally designed with flexible material to allow the child's legs to be lifted during a diaper change, while expanding the visibility to the child's bottom. 



        What is the age range for this product?

        TooshieBaby is a one size fits all for children ranging from newborns to toddlers (2-3 years old). The average waist of a 3 year old is 21 - 21.5 inches or 53 - 55 cm. The smallest part of shield that wraps the child’s waist measures approximately 24 inches or 60 cm in circumference.


        Are there any metal or plastic pieces?

        Our product is 100% made from fabric. We intentionally made the shield portion flexible enough for the child’s legs to be lifted up high for you to reach their tooshies. All our material used pass the CA65 testing standard. 


        What materials is the pad and toy made from? 

        The changing pad is made from polyester and nylon. The toy is made with 100% food grade silicone material with FDA, ROHS, LFGB, EN-71 approval. It is BPA free.


        How do I wash this pad? Can I put it in the washer/dryer? 

        We recommend spot cleaning by running the soiled part of the pad under warm water. Use a soft cloth, sponge or brush and gently rub area with soap. Rinse. Lay flat to dry. Using a washer or dryer is not recommended due to the size and shape, not materials.